Day 77: Living on Coco Beach

In one day, we transition from our condo in Coco Beach to our condo in Playacar.  It is a bittersweet move, as we have loved being here.  The view alone through our picture windows has given us hours of joy!   The truth is, it has also felt like home, and for that, we are very thankful.  The electric bill, however, was beginning to kill our budget.  We are on the top floor of our condo, and exposed on three sides.  The upside?  Gorgeous sea views!  Seriously, they were spectacular!  This photo below doesn’t come close to capturing the beauty.

GG RTW Mexico Natz ti Ha View LR WM

Our Views of Coco Beach

With the brutal summer sun pelting the roof and penetrating our walls, however, it has been hard to keep our condo cool without using the air conditioning.  We did try, initially, when we realized that our bill was going to be high, but the end results were not that great.  Kathryn’s body, especially, was not able to handle the heat, and she passed out during her second Spanish lesson, scaring her teacher, Isabel, half to death.  Her fainting wasn’t all that dramatic, and thankfully she only hit her chin, but we realized we needed to cool things down a bit more.

GG RTW Mexico Natz ti Ha 2 LR WM

Our Condo on Coco Beach June 16 – Sept. 1, 2014

So…we had to consider other alternatives.  Isabel, one of our favorite Spanish teachers, was very instrumental in helping us find a fantastic option.  She has a student who is also now a friend.  Isabel was explaining the situation to her friend, and found out her friend’s neighbor, Maria, was heading back to Canada mid-August.  She spoke to Maria, who agreed to meet us and consider the possibility of renting her condo.  The rest is history and we move in on Monday.

GG RTW Mexico Natz ti Ha Beach Night LR WM

Reading, Singing, and Guitar-Playing on the Beach

We are excited about our new place, but will also miss our “first home” abroad.  We will not only miss the views, but the friendly staff like Juan and Miguel, as well as Chaparro, our lovely, sweet-natured neighborhood dog!

GG RTW Mexico Natz ti Ha Dog LR WM

Chaparro – Our Sweet-Natured Condo Dog

Below is a short clip of the beach we spent many hours on, either as a family or with new friends.  Some of my favorite times, however, were our mornings, when Ryan and I would wake early and sneak out onto the beach, armed with beach chairs and hot coffee.  We’d spend about an hour talking, praying, and people-watching as Playa woke up.

2014 Mornings on Coco Beach, Playa del Carmen from Deena Gainor on Vimeo.

Definitely memories that will last us a lifetime.  Adios, Coco Beach!

GG RTW Mexico Natz ti Ha Moon LR WM

The Moon Rising Over Coco Beach

One Comment on “Day 77: Living on Coco Beach

  1. OMGoodness! This could hardly be more beautiful or poignant! So this is one thing about your blogs: They take the reader into your experience 😀 The photos help, but your descriptions are painted with bright colors too. And I like the length of them. Not too long, but not so short that your left with only a hint.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences in such a delicious way! Katya

    *Katya Jones*

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