Isabel’s Story

Introducing Isabel, our first Spanish teacher.  We have so much more to learn about who sweet and gentle Isabel is and look forward to getting to know her better over the next four month.  I thought, however, that it would be neat to share a difficult experience she recently went through, as it gave me a chance to glean a bit of insight into the life of people who live and work hard here in Playa. Isabel woke up on Monday morning, ready to start her job.  As she sat up in bed, she realized something… Read More

Manny’s Story – Cancun, Mexico

  I’d love to introduce you to…let’s just call him “Manny.”  We met him our first day in Playa del Carmen and he shared with us his unique story.  In 2002, when he was 17 years old, he met a woman who was 11 years older than he was.  She was a tourist who frequently visited Cancun.  Over time, she talked Manny into sneaking into the United States.  She said it would be easy, and she would take care of all of the details.  He was reluctant at first, and didn’t know… Read More