Stalked by a Lion

While you may have imagined for years what it would be like to come face to face with an imposing, stately lion, pursuing unsuspecting prey in his natural habitat, nothing quite prepares you for the bewildering deluge of contradicting emotions that flood through you as the scene unfolds, just steps away.  All that stands between you and this massive, powerful beast…is nothing. My husband, Ryan, and I watched helplessly as an abandoned newborn water buffalo we had just befriended unwittingly, began to cry.  His hushed whimpers grew quickly into a loud wail… Read More

Our Leopard Encounter

This was quite possibly the biggest highlight of our African Safari, with the lion cubs being right up there with this experience! To enjoy safari in Samburu, we chose to stay at Larsen’s Camp, which sits right by the river.  We were warmly embraced when we arrived at Larsen’s Camp and made to feel right at home.  After giving us a few moments to relax and get settled in, the staff invited us to lunch, which they had set up for the two of us right by the river. I was so… Read More