Fairytale Prague Photoblog!

Prague is one of the most charming of all thirty countries we visited during our Round the World journey!  It’s magical and the fairytale like castle transports you back in time as you wander through narrow, winding, cobblestoned streets packed with a myriad of people from all walks of life!  Take a peek…

Prague’s Astronomical Clock

Stunning Architecture.  Can you believe the second photo is a Starbucks?!  I can easily say this was the most beautiful Starbucks we have ever seen.

And take a look at the Lesser Town Bridge Tower.  What a gorgeous Gothic gateway to the Charles Bridge.

Shots around town.  Meandering the streets of Prague was probably our favorite thing to do, aside from sampling the food.  So many interesting things to see.  And if you enjoy people watching, you will not be disappointed.  There are a lot of unique characters you will rub elbows with.

Fun with Kids.  The street vendors are particularly fun for children in Prague.  There were several who would blow massive bubbles, allowing the kids to play in them for hours.  Here’s Danny below, enjoying every minute.

Interesting Fixtures.  So many unique street “fixtures” in Prague.  Here are a few…

But make sure you plan on tipping before you stop to enjoy what they have to offer.  We may have gotten scolded once for taking a photo before tipping!  Sorry, mister.  I thought you were a real stature.  I mean…isn’t that the whole point?

And last but not least, Prague at Night.  It’s honestly like a Fairytale!

4 Comments on “Fairytale Prague Photoblog!

  1. Your photos are stunning! I don’t hear too much about Prague but way you capture the colours, architecture, and the liveliness of the people make me want to visit. 🙂

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