Ryan’s Santorini

Santorini was just about as beautiful as beautiful can get. It is an island off the coast of Greece, and all of the building are white, with domes on top that are blue in color. The blue ocean can be viewed from every side, and you can even see other islands in the distance if the fog is not too heavy. We stayed in a condo with a gorgeous view of the sunset and of the ocean as well. There was a jacuzzi, a pool, and table and chairs outside on the porch…. Read More

Mikayla on Santorini

We stayed in Santorini for about a week.  During that time, we met some really friendly people, toured a gorgeous island, and celebrated my 15th birthday! Santorini is a gorgeous island.  It feels so clean, white, and fresh!  The air is a little breezy and somewhat cool, the sunsets are spectacular, the shops are adorable, the food is pretty good, and the people are very friendly. My birthday was especially really special.  On the 15th (my actual birthday), I came up from my room and was greeted with several “happy birthdays”, a… Read More

“I’m Making Good Gelato. Marry Me” – April, 2015

Santorini…. Santorini is a beautiful island in Greece, full of beauty, adventure, and, you could say many magical moments. It is also a place packed with a lot of walking. Our days consisted of eating, walking, and resting. Of course, the entire time, we admired the pure blue of the sea, the color of the sky, the beauty of the island. We explored little valleys with hidden shops and restaurants, sampled many foods, and, just maybe, if we had been good that day, stopped by to grab a bowl of gelato at an amazing… Read More

Danny in Santorini, Greece – April, 2015

Santorini is a beautiful place with lots of stunning scenery. It is actually on the rim of the top of a volcano with water inside the volcano (it’s not active :D.) The water inside Santorini is blue and green, and the houses are all mostly white, and some have beautiful blue domes as a roof. The setting is beautiful, and there are lots of restaurants and shops all over Santorini! Santorini is known for…I don’t know, but I would say for it’s beauty.  The food in Santorini is very delicious, and the small shops are… Read More

Santorini – Of Birthdays and Gelato

Celebrating Mikayla’s 15th birthday on the island was extra special this year!  Here’s a little photoblog to capture the moments. Just before sunset, we wandered around Oia, trying to capture the beauty. It’s been special watching Mikayla’s love for photography grow.  It’s a neat hobby we share together and I’m excited to see where it takes her. After exploring, Ryan and I took Mikayla out on the town for our traditional Dad/Mom two-on-one date.  We treasure this time alone with our kids as a couple. We chose a restaurant overlooking the Caldera and watched… Read More

The Donkeys of Santorini – April 2015

And I’m finally back with a few more shots from Santorini!  Re-entry has been wonderful yet time-consuming but I’m committed to finish what I started.  So…please hang in there with me. First, the donkeys of Santorini.  They are everywhere and often found transporting people up and down the 600 plus steep stairs that start at the water and ascend into the town of Fira.  While they are absolutely adorable and the thought of riding them up from the port can be very enticing, the situation for the donkeys is very similar to… Read More

Santorini and the Gorgeous Village of Oia – April 2015

When you fall in love, you can become a little obsessed.  You think about the object of your affection, you daydream about it, and you count the days until you can be together again.  That’s how it was for me…and Santorini.  As I shared before, it was Love at First Sight!  How can I resist thinking or talking about it?  As a result, you’ll probably see a few more posts on this destination before I am willing or able to move on.  Today I wanted to share my love for the village of Oia…. Read More

Santorini – Love at First Sight, April 2015

“What was your favorite destination?” We’ve been asked this question numerous times as we journeyed around the world and increasingly more now that we’ve returned.  It’s almost impossible to answer this question, as we loved so many different countries and cities for several unique reasons.  But, if I were forced to choose one, for the beauty alone…I think I’d have to choose Santorini, a small, friendly island off the coast of Greece.  From the moment I set eyes on this island, it was “Love at First Sight.” Years ago, Ryan had the opportunity to visit Santorini… Read More