Santorini – Of Birthdays and Gelato

Celebrating Mikayla’s 15th birthday on the island was extra special this year!  Here’s a little photoblog to capture the moments.

Just before sunset, we wandered around Oia, trying to capture the beauty. It’s been special watching Mikayla’s love for photography grow.  It’s a neat hobby we share together and I’m excited to see where it takes her.

After exploring, Ryan and I took Mikayla out on the town for our traditional Dad/Mom two-on-one date.  We treasure this time alone with our kids as a couple.

We chose a restaurant overlooking the Caldera and watched as the sun set so beautifully over it.  Oia is a very romantic destination, but it’s also wonderful to experience with a daughter who truly appreciates beauty.

And of course, how could we not end the night with a little Gelato from the infamous Lolita’s!!!  We discovered Lolita’s on day one of our adventure and were blown away by how fantastic the Gelato was!  Seriously…it was outstanding.  But what made it more special was how sweet and fun the staff was.  We made it a point to return at least once or twice a day.

We also celebrated with the kids on a different night.  Yes…we like to milk our birthdays for all they’re worth!

First was dinner on the porch with a stunning sunset in the background and then…our landlord’s assistant helped us to sneak in a cake and candles.

Happy 15th birthday, Mikayla.  What a way to celebrate.  But please…don’t expect this every year.  🙂



4 Comments on “Santorini – Of Birthdays and Gelato

  1. What beautiful pictures…still can’t believe she is 15…and now much further along with getting to 16 lol. Love you guys. Grandma “G”

    • Thanks, Mom! She is 15 and already thinking about Driver’s Ed. How is that possible? We thought about you a lot on Santorini! That is a place you would have loved!

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