Santorini and the Gorgeous Village of Oia – April 2015

When you fall in love, you can become a little obsessed.  You think about the object of your affection, you daydream about it, and you count the days until you can be together again.  That’s how it was for me…and Santorini.  As I shared before, it was Love at First Sight!  How can I resist thinking or talking about it?  As a result, you’ll probably see a few more posts on this destination before I am willing or able to move on.  Today I wanted to share my love for the village of Oia…. Read More

Santorini – Love at First Sight, April 2015

“What was your favorite destination?” We’ve been asked this question numerous times as we journeyed around the world and increasingly more now that we’ve returned.  It’s almost impossible to answer this question, as we loved so many different countries and cities for several unique reasons.  But, if I were forced to choose one, for the beauty alone…I think I’d have to choose Santorini, a small, friendly island off the coast of Greece.  From the moment I set eyes on this island, it was “Love at First Sight.” Years ago, Ryan had the opportunity to visit Santorini… Read More