21 Days: Uganda

21 DAYS: Uganda. This past Saturday, we had the privilege of meeting a wonderful and inspiring couple, Wilfred and his wife Vena. Thanks to Kristen Goin for connecting us. I’d love to share a little about their ministry in Kampala, Uganda. It is called Mercy Childcare (www.mercychildcare.org). Here’s a little blurb from their site: “In response to the overwhelming numbers of street children, orphans and abandoned babies being brought to us for help, we opened our single-roomed house (10x8ft) for such children. At this time we were still in high school. Since… Read More

Why Would You Ever?!

So, interesting story. I was debating whether or not to write about it, but hey…if we’re sharing our journey with you, I thought it only fair. From the moment we began revealing our plans to travel around the world, every single friend and family member responded positively. We were rather shocked, because we anticipated somewhere along the way, we’d get a little pushback, or comments about the foolishness of our decision. I’m guessing my fellow travelers have experienced some of this? I can’t begin to share how encouraging it was to receive… Read More