21 Days: Uganda

Uganda21 DAYS: Uganda. This past Saturday, we had the privilege of meeting a wonderful and inspiring couple, Wilfred and his wife Vena. Thanks to Kristen Goin for connecting us. I’d love to share a little about their ministry in Kampala, Uganda. It is called Mercy Childcare (www.mercychildcare.org).

Here’s a little blurb from their site: “In response to the overwhelming numbers of street children, orphans and abandoned babies being brought to us for help, we opened our single-roomed house (10x8ft) for such children. At this time we were still in high school. Since that time, we have continued taking in children, doing what we can for each individual and their family as the Lord allows us.”

But their ministry involves so much more than just an orphanage. For instance, they work hard to stay in contact with the children’s extended families, attempting to help the families gain meaningful employment by offering micro loans which need to be paid back over time, teaching them other important skills, etc. The micro loans have had tremendous success, and only once has not been paid back due to illness rendering the woman incapable of paying.

There is so much more I could share about what they are doing. If you have time, please check out their ministry. Ryan and I are trying to figure out if this is a good place we could fold in to for a short while. Prayers appreciated.

One Comment on “21 Days: Uganda

  1. WoW! You never know what a new day will bring to your life…how amazing…

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