Switzerland Photoblog

While Switzerland is known for its chocolate (yum!), cheese, watches, and even pocket knives (Danny’s favorite thing), there is no denying that it’s most famous for it’s stunning pristine scenery with views everywhere you look!


In addition to this, beautiful mountainous Switzerland is divided into three different regions – German, French, and Italian with four official languages.  It is one of the few countries where you can experience several cultures and languages in one visit.  This makes it an appealing choice when you want to experience a lot and yet have only a limited amount of time.

Not only is this country extremely clean (no, you do not need to fear a visit to any of the public restrooms), but public transportation is amazing, making it easy to get from one destination within Switzerland to another.  Traveling by car, however, is extremely delightful.  We were able to discover small little villages along the way.  Our greatest surprise?  Take a look at this town’s background setting!

Yes, that is a waterfall in the background!  I’ve never seen anything quite so lovely, and can’t imagine waking to this every morning!  And then there were the sunsets!  Ridiculously beautiful!

We loved our time in Switzerland, but I have to admit, I feel like we only got a small taste and I am dying to return!

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