Cozumel: Day 1

Sunrise on July 11 before Cozumel

Beautiful sunrise!

Over the weekend, my family and I went to Cozumel.  We got a day pass on Friday to go to the all-inclusive resort Sunscape, and eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and swim practically the whole day.


Gorgeous sunset! We watched it from the beginning to the end!

Waking up at 6:15, we hurried to get ready so we would catch the ferry in time.  However, we were not able to find a cab for a reasonable price, and so had to walk for approximately 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, we missed the first ferry, but were able to catch the 8:00 one.

Once we reached the hotel, we ate a well-deserved breakfast, then went snorkeling for a bit.  The beach was extremely relaxing and it was nice to have a day to do nothing!  Since the pools weren’t great, we stayed on the beach the whole day (except for meals).  The beach had a bar right there, so I totally took advantage of that and ordered a few pina coladas!  Around 8:00, we finally pulled ourselves away from the gorgeous sunset and went to the lobby to change.

Unfortunately, the rest of the evening was a bit of a nightmare!  We spent the next hour and 5 minutes trying to find an available seat in one of the only two dinner restaurants of the hotel!  We finally got seated in one of the restaurants, but it wasn’t until 10:40 that we got our first dish!!  The food was delicious, but there were hardly any people in the place, so we were all pretty shocked and curious as to the cause of the long wait.  Our waiter was very kind, though, and tried to keep us happy by frequently bringing us drinks.  However, we did not leave the restaurant until very late.  Danny fell asleep while we were waiting for our food!  Several couples even left.  When we  left the restaurant at 11:10, we were relieved to be able to stand and see something new than the grumpy-looking people around us.

The next stop before home was the lobby, to retrieve our suitcases and things needed for the next two nights at the hotel Casa Mexicana.  This is where the next nightmare happened.  We went to the front desk to ask for our luggage and let them know we were leaving, but the guy said that the person with the key to the room it was in, had already gone home!  We were unsure of how on earth we were going to get our luggage out so we could just go sleep!  We couldn’t believe that the person who had the key had already left!  So the man at the front desk tried to unlock the door using tools.  Meanwhile, Ryan fell asleep in one of the couches in the lobby!  Finally, we were able to unlock the door and get our luggage.  Then we waited for an extra few minutes until the cab pulled up.

When we reached the hotel, we got ready for bed right away, and went to sleep!

Up until dinner, it was a very relaxing day!  I can’t wait to do something like it again!

Here are just some pictures I took while we were at the resort (they’re a bit more blurry, for some reason, than before I uploaded them, so sorry about that!).

Beach Chair-Cozumel

Flowers-Cozumel-Day 1

sandy cup-Cozumel-Sunscape

Fun with sand, cups, and free drinks!

Sandy cup 2-Cozumel-Sunscape

Cup-Cozumel-Day 1

Gorgeous Sunset-Cozumel Day 1

Another view of the sunset.

Sunset and bird-Cozumel-Day 1

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