Cozumel: Day 2

Woke up with a fresh start today!  Ready for a hearty, all-inclusive breakfast, we headed downstairs.  The hotel had a really good all-inclusive breakfast, too.  There was the regular stuff like cereal, bread, yogurt, fruit, etc…, but there was also a station where a woman cooked anything from pancakes, to omelettes, to special Mexican breakfasts.  They also had some really good pastries (I indulged in a few chocolate croissants:)!

After stuffing ourselves, we headed outside to go shopping; Cozumel is known for it’s fun shopping Icecream-Cozumel-Day 2streets.  It was a very hot day, so when my dad announced we could buy ice-cream, we were all very grateful!  About an hour or so later, the boys had had their fair share of shopping time, so my mom took them back to the hotel to swim.  Meanwhile, my dad took Katie and I to Mega (Mexico’s version of Target) to look for swimsuits.  I was not able to find any, but she found 2 cute ones.  Now Katie and I were ready to get out of the heat and jump into the pool!

When we all began to feel hungry (swimming usually makes me super hungry!), we went back upstairs  and showered.  Then, we walked around, looking for a somewhat cheap place to eat.  There was a place we’d walked by earlier which we decided to go to.  It turned out to be a great choice.  The food was flavorful and filling, the service was very friendly, and the atmosphere was fun and light-hearted!  They brought out chips almost immediately after the first basket was done and there was a small group of musicians which made the place more lively.  Katie and I split fajitas (as did Ryan and Daniel), and my parents split a chicken dish.  For dessert, all of us were brave and tried an avocado pie piece (but just to try…not as our actual dessert!)  I didn’t love it, and wouldn’t order it for dessert sometime, but it wasn’t bad; it was pretty good.

Dinner was done, so we left the restaurant and went to find some real dessert!  Ryan and Daniel got slushies (really?!) at Oxxo (Mexico’s version of 7 eleven), while the rest of us bought ice-cream at a unique-looking place.  The owner was very friendly and owned several other ice-cream/tequila shops.

After our ice-cream, and after talking with the owner, we headed back to the hotel and went to bed!

Walking on the streets of Cozumel. Beautiful tree!


Pool Cozumel 2

Avocado pie piece 1-Cozumel

Avocado pie. You should definitely try it!


This was one of the occupied tables at the restaurant we ate at for dinner. Interesting….


This ice-cream was some of the best ice-cream I’ve ever had!


This photo was taken in front of the dinner restaurant by my sister, Kathryn.

This post was created by Mikayla Gainor.  To see more, visit her blog at

Also, if you want to see a video of the kids’ reactions to avocado pie, check out this link:  avocadopie.vimeo

And if you want to see a video of a live music band we saw on one street, check out this link:  livemusic.vimeo

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