Indonesia by Mikayla

We stayed in Indonesia for nine days.  For the first six, we were in Bali.  The other three were spent in Jakarta.  In Bali, we stayed at the Sofitel hotel and in Jakarta, we were hosted by a friend of ours. While in Bali, we took a private tour for a day.  During that day, we visited several main attractions including a jewelry workshop, a wood carving store, two temples, a coffee plantation, a monkey forest, a few shops, and a seafood dinner on the beach. In Jakarta, we spent most of… Read More

Cozumel: Day 2

Woke up with a fresh start today!  Ready for a hearty, all-inclusive breakfast, we headed downstairs.  The hotel had a really good all-inclusive breakfast, too.  There was the regular stuff like cereal, bread, yogurt, fruit, etc…, but there was also a station where a woman cooked anything from pancakes, to omelettes, to special Mexican breakfasts.  They also had some really good pastries (I indulged in a few chocolate croissants:)! After stuffing ourselves, we headed outside to go shopping; Cozumel is known for it’s fun shopping streets.  It was a very hot day, so when my… Read More

Day 7: Venturing Out to Shop

After attending our first church service in Playa, we headed over to Sam’s Club, just down the street, to stock up on many needed supplies and food. We assumed this would be the best place to shop but after looking through the prices and talking to several locals, we have determined that shopping at La Mega or Walmart may be just as cost effective, in addition to searching out little specialty shops like Dak (on Constitution and 30th, near La Mega) that offers fresh produce as well as Gluten-Free products. The first… Read More