Day 7: Venturing Out to Shop

Sams in PlayaAfter attending our first church service in Playa, we headed over to Sam’s Club, just down the street, to stock up on many needed supplies and food. We assumed this would be the best place to shop but after looking through the prices and talking to several locals, we have determined that shopping at La Mega or Walmart may be just as cost effective, in addition to searching out little specialty shops like Dak (on Constitution and 30th, near La Mega) that offers fresh produce as well as Gluten-Free products.

The first photo? The girls, tired out from all the shopping. Dad/Ryan put us all to shame and kept going while we collapsed on a few sofas. We left loaded with many bags and suffice it to say, we had to flag down two taxi cabs to take all of us and the groceries back to our place. Unfortunately, taxis that accommodate 6 or more people are not easily found, which makes for an expensive commute back and forth. We’ll have to figure out a solution for that dilemma sometime soon.

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