Finally Here!!!

A small stream of light hit my eyes, rudely awakening me from a deep sleep. “Mikayla…” I mumbled something inaudible, too tired to care if the loud voice could understand me.  How could they have had the audacity to rouse me from my ever-so-needed beauty sleep?  And then I remembered.  It was Monday, June 16, the day of our departure from Illinois to Mexico.  This was the day I’d been anticipating for months!  Now it was finally here. “C’mon, Mikayla.  It’s time to get ready.  We’re already running a little behind,” my… Read More


Reflections: “Not by might, nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord Almighty.” ~ Zech 4:6. I have never feared traveling, but with four dear children now in tow, that has changed quite a bit. In moments of doubt and fear, this verse has encouraged our hearts. We recognize that we are not alone and we take comfort in knowing it’s through His strength and protection we can go out.


Kathryn quietly joined the team in 2003, but don’t be fooled.  Once she hit 18 months, she was off and running.  Katie especially enjoys reading, writing, photography, being outdoors, and nature.  She has a very nurturing heart and loves caring for both little children and animals.  She is passionate about everything she does and jumps into life 100%.  Her destination of choice?  Africa.  No surprise, right?