Welcome.  I’m Deena, the author of Six Hearts One Journey.  I am wife to Ryan and mother to four rapidly growing children, Mikayla, Ryan, Kathryn, & Danny.  I’m also a closet Introvert, 75% Tomboy, and a Chess Geek.  I love to read, write, learn, and explore.  Some of my favorite things in the world are Travel, Food, Photography, and Apologetics. But…this Blog will hopefully never be “All about me!”  In fact, the most unique thing about me is that I am loved…truly, deeply, genuinely loved by an Almighty King who calls me His… Read More

Day 5: And the Internet is Alive!

Did I mention we finally have Internet? They got it up and working on Day 5 (Friday), just a little longer than their promised 24-72 hours. We are thrilled, except for the fact that we no longer have an excuse to head over to Starbucks every day. And no, the flower has nothing to do with this little update, just thought it was pretty. We pass it on our way up and down the steps to our condo. 

Day 5: Kathryn’s First Days

Kathryn’s Blog & Photos: We arrived safely in Mexico on Monday afternoon and have seen a lot already. One interesting thing I observed is the way vendors are so eager to earn money they never stop pressing you to buy something until  you are out of ear-shot. It’s always tempting to buy fun, colorful items, but sometimes they’re pretty pricey. One time I asked how much a miniature marble elephant cost and was told I could only buy the whole family of elephants for $20! A few sellers always lower prices so… Read More