Day 5: Kathryn’s First Days

Katie Braid PDC Kathryn’s Blog & Photos: We arrived safely in Mexico on Monday afternoon and have seen a lot already. One interesting thing I observed is the way vendors are so eager to earn money they never stop pressing you to buy something until

 you are out of ear-shot.

It’s always tempting to buy fun, colorful items, but sometimes they’re pretty pricey. One time I asked how much a miniature marble elephant cost and was told I could only buy the whole family of elephants for $20!

A few sellers always lower prices so they can at least get some money if you won’t pay the amount they request. So, there are many opportunities to get good prices, if you’re willing to haggle. But my mom always tells me, just remember to be fair.PDC Men

One time, my sister and I were walking along the street, and we saw a fake head with braided beaded hair. We walked over because Mikayla wanted to have her hair braided and asked how much it would cost. We were told $15 USD. We only had $5 and 50 Pesos, about $9 USD total, so the woman lowered the price to what we were willing to pay, and Mikayla was able to get the style she wanted.

I’m excited to explore more of Playa del Carmen and will keep you updated. ~Kathryn

5 Comments on “Day 5: Kathryn’s First Days

  1. hey Kathryn, it’s me Sadie. Liked the pictures. are you getting your hair done? If you do have fun and post me a picture. miss you! P.S. i’ll Email you!!!!

    • Hey Sadie, no, I’m not getting my hair done, unfortunately, but I will keep you updated. I’m looking forward to your email and will write you back. PS: I already wrote you. ~Katie 🙂

      • Oh, your hair would have been so pretty with your hair like that. Hows it going today? I miss you.
        P.S. write back

  2. Hey Sadie, thanks for your post. Maybe I will get my hair done before we leave. If I do, I’ll definitely take a photo. Miss you guys so much and I will email you soon. Love, Kathryn. 🙂

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