Cozumel: Day 3

We woke up and ate at the all-inclusive breakfast again.  The rest of the morning was lazy and relaxing, hanging out in our bedrooms, watching T.V.  In the afternoon, we took a personal tour from 1-5.  We hired a taxi driver to take us around Cozumel to get a better feel for it.  It was a lot of fun because what we did was drive to one place, hop out, snorkel; get back in the car, drive some more, hop out, and snorkel again.  It was rather active, so by the time we had finished, we were quite drained!

Ready for dinner, we began to search for a good restaurant that wasn’t too pricey.  On the corner of one street, we saw a fairly small Mexican restaurant and decided to check it out.  The prices weren’t bad, and the options looked fine, so we took a seat.  After we ordered a big platter of El Pastor Tacos, a sad-looking dog waddled over to our table; its eyes were pitiful, and its expression helpless.  We all felt sorry for the dog, but could do nothing about it.  She kept going off a ways, then coming back, her “puppy-face” never leaving.

Soon, our food was brought to the table and we dug in.  A simple taco (tortilla with pork and pineapple), yet so tasty.  Each of us added this and that spice or salsa to our own taste, then gobbled them up within minutes.

Dinner was now finished and we wandered about the streets of Cozumel, taking in its liveliness and cheerful atmosphere, even at night.  There were bands playing, artists spray-painting, vendors selling tantalizing foods, and tempting, colorful, shopping items.  We stopped at a vendor selling churros, on our way to the ferry.  Though very unhealthy, we bought some and savored every hot, fatty, sugary bite.  We did not know, however, that they would make us feel sick once we boarded the ferry.  Fatty goodness, combined with the swaying motion of a ferry does not bring about good results!

By the time we reached pier, I was feeling a bit seasick, but the cool of the night air helped.  We still had a long way to walk before we reached home though, so we started out right away.  It took forever to find a taxi with a somewhat reasonable price, but when we did find one, we were more than happy to get in!  The next morning, we slept in.

I really liked Cozumel and its shopping.  It also has beautiful beaches.  I think we will try to make it out there again sometime soon.

Fish eats-Cozumel

Lined Fish-Cozumel

Linear fish-Cozumel

Major fish-Cozumel

spotty fish-Cozumel

M Cozumel Sergeant WM

Pink shell-Cozumel

Fam and Fish

Punta Sur Sign-Cozumel-Day 3

One of the beaches we visited was called Punta Sur.

Beach-Cozumel-Day 3

Mini Cave-Cozumel- Day 3

Water on Rocks-Cozumel-Day 3

Rock-At beach in Cozumel-Day 3

Splashing Water on Rocks-Cozumel-Day 3

plant-Beach in Cozumel-Day 3

Pillar-Cozumel-Day 3

Pastor Tacos-Cozumel-Day 3

Pastor Tacos! 🙂

Sad dog at Dinner-Cozumel-Day 3

Poor dog 😦 Everyone give me your best puppy face!

This post was created by Mikayla Gainor.  To see more, visit her blog

If you want to see a video of the waves at that one gorgeous beach, check out this link:  crashingwaves.vimeo

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