Inflatable Iguanas and More

Iguanas are big lizards and I see them all the time because I am in Mexico.  Some live in tropical forests, some in deserts, etc… The green iguana is one that some people keep as a pet but they usually die in the first year of when they become a pet.  They don’t normally get to live the way they do in wild life.  I also do not know why, but other iguanas such as the Blue Iguana and others are endangered. Iguanas also maintain their sharp teeth and usually their own… Read More

Day 2: Danny’s Ants

Day 2: Danny: There were really big red ants at the restaurant we ate at for breakfast. This is how big they were (see photo). They were carrying leaves at least twice as big as they were. The ants looked like big spiders but only had six legs. For brunch, we had Empanadas. They were pastries stuffed with turkey ham, peppers, cheese, and tomatoes. I’m not sure if I liked them, but everyone else did!