Ocean Coral and Turquesa

Ocean Coral and Turquesa is a beautiful resort located about 20 minutes away from Cancun International Airport.  It is about 30 minutes south of Cancun and 30 minutes north of Playa del Carmen, so guests have several fun options if they want to get off the property.  Keep in mind, however, that taxi fares can be rather costly.  As always, photos first and then the review.  Enjoy.  Return to Mexican Resorts.

Ocean Coral and Turquesa Fact Sheet

Size:  Ocean Coral and Turquesa offers 591 rooms/suites, a large variety of restaurants, four beautiful swimming pools, a conference center, and a business center.  Though there are many rooms, the resort is easy to navigate and it does not take too long to get from one end to the other.

Star Level:  We only spent a few hours at this resort doing a site inspection, so it would be somewhat unfair to rate it, as we did not really interact with too many staff members, sample any food, or participate in any activities.  Our review will be based solely on what we observed throughout our short time at the resort.  What I can share is that we’ve had several travel agent friends use this resort personally as well as send their clients here, and they’ve all been very happy.  I can also add that this resort received the Conde Nast’s Traveler Award for the best International Resort in 2013.

Category:  This resort is a great choice for singles, couples, families, and smaller groups (up to about 120 people).

Beach:  The beach at Ocean Coral and Turquesa is nice and long, but somewhat narrow.  It is definitely not as pristine as Maroma Beach, nor as nice as the wide, lovely beaches in Cancun, but it is still nice.  The only complaint some people may have is the seaweed, but considering the 2nd largest coral reef is directly in front of this resort (you can actually see the waves crashing on the reef), this is to be expected.  The hotel does its best to clean up the seaweed, using a big truck to do so.  Otherwise, the beach is fine and very swimmable.

Rooms:  The rooms at this resort are all, at minimum, junior suites, so they are spacious and comfortable.  Each room has either a balcony or a patio.  The decor is very pretty, the rooms are clean, and they offer an additional sofa bed, so the maximum number of guests is five (not three or four, like most resorts).  The outside of the buildings are pristine and very colorful, giving guests a great Mexican ambiance.  See photos for examples of what we’re talking about.  The only downside to the rooms is that there is no free Internet offered.  In order to use the Internet, you would either have to go to the lobby, purchase an expensive daily plan, or upgrade to Privilege, in which case it would be free.  So…just something to consider when choosing your room category.

Activities:  This resort offers many of the typical resort type activities like windsurfing, catamarans, kayaks, tennis, volleyball, aerobic classes, etc.  For an additional charge, you can also enjoy snorkeling or diving.  The pools at this resort are stunning, and maintained very well.  Occupancy at the time of our visit was about 60% (low season), and there was no crowding whatsoever in any of the pools.  We’d love to see this resort during peak seasons.   If you’ve visited during that time, please feel free to share what your experience was like.

Nightlife:  We were not here during the evening hours, so we can only share that the resort has nightly entertainment.  Travel agent friends of ours recently visited this property and they stated that some of the nightly entertainment was excellent while others were just “so so”.  They also shared that starting around 10pm, there was a lot of nightly activity and fun around the main pool.

Dining:  Again, we did not have the opportunity to sample any food.  Clients have shared that they have enjoyed all of their meals.  The breakfast buffet offered a great selection of food, while the other restaurants served delicious and satisfying meals.  If you’ve eaten at this resort before, please feel free to share.

Overall:  Overall, this is a lovely property.  People of all ages can enjoy what it has to offer.  The buildings are colorful and fun, the landscaping is immaculate, the pools are pristine.  There are a lot of fun, cozy places to hang out in as well.  Our favorite, by far, was Mike’s Cafe (see above).  I’d be tempted to book this hotel just so I could hang out in this place!  The only downside to this hotel is if you want to have a large group of over 120 people in attendance.  While the largest conference spaces will accommodate up to 200 guests (theatre style), if you want to have private function dinners for more than 120 guests, that may be a challenge.  Otherwise, it is an amazing property.

2 Comments on “Ocean Coral and Turquesa

  1. Hola! I’m contacting you on behalf of Ocean Coral & Turquesa. We love your photos and would like to request your permission to use your photos for our Social Media channels. Is that possible?

    • Hola, Elia. Thank you for your kind message. We would be happy to give you permission to use our photos. We would just ask that you give us credit and use our blog address when using them. Thanks.

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