Day 110: Bungee Trampoline

Occasionally, we take our Fridays and visit nearby resorts, photographing them, writing reviews, and experiencing all they have to offer.  While it may be “work”, we still find ways to have fun!

RTW Mexico Now Sapphire Danny 2014 WM

RTW Mexico Now Sapphire Katie 2 2014 WM

Here are Danny and Katie, flying high on the Bungee Trampoline.  The age limit was 12.  You tell me, is that fair?

Now, my true confession.  I love adventure and trying new things.  I would have done this in a heartbeat.  Truth be told, I love seeing my kids be adventurous and try new things as well, especially when they feel a bit of fear.  Ryan and I both strongly encourage them in this area.  Deep down, however, I have to admit that watching them fly up SO high did make me a feel a little nervous.  But…that’s just between you and me.

In the end, they had a fantastic time and wanted to do it all over again.  Unfortunately, the rule is only once a day, and they stuck to it.  Next time.

~Photo taken at Now Sapphire, just north of Playa del Carmen, Mexico

2 Comments on “Day 110: Bungee Trampoline

  1. HI Deena:

    I will be back in the Riviera Maya on October 20, 2014, staying at the El Dorado Royale. What tours would you suggest and where should we go to shop? I have been reading and keeping up with you and your family.

    To you and your family, continue to allow God to use you.

    Bettie McKenzie
    Greenbelt Travel Services

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