It’s imposMexican Sunsetsible to put together a set itinerary for 14 months. We wouldn’t want to. Too many RTW (Round the World) travelers have cautioned us against doing this, because we don’t know how our travels will unfold. Perhaps we’ll want to extend our stay somewhere…or leave sooner than we thought.  So, we are planning ahead, but only a few segments at a time.

In the following weeks, we’ll share our progress to date and what we yet have to do. Any thoughts and suggestions are always welcome along the way. Our first stop? Playa del Carmen, Mexico for Spanish Immersion and hopefully working alongside a church we’ve connected with through email and friends. More on that later.

RTW Map Route

Tentative Itinerary

June, 2014 – August, 2015

June 16 – Nov. 4:  Playa del Carmen, Mexico – Spanish Immersion, Orphanage, & Church

Nov. 4 – 18:  Los Angeles, CA – Visit our CA home church for a week

Nov. 19 – 26:  Tahiti – Explore & photograph the Islands we sell

Nov. 27 – Dec. 14:  New Zealand – Explore North and South Islands, network with suppliers

Dec. 14 – Jan. 10:  Australia – Explore/Photograph Tasmania, Melbourne, Sydney, Cairns, Reef

Jan. 10 – 16:  Bali, Indonesia

Jan. 16 – 19:  Jakarta, Indonesia to visit a friend

Jan. 19 –  Feb. ?:  Thailand – Explore, photograph, work w/ victims of trafficking or other ministries.  Visit Phuket, Krabi, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, and Bangkok

Feb. – Mar. ?:  Potentially visit other Southeast Asia destinations like Cambodia and Myanmar

March:  South Africa, Cairo, Jordan, Israel – Bible Seminary, Youth Entrepreneur Program, Aids Orphanage, Explore & photograph for travel business (tentative)

April-June:  Europe – Base in Bologna or Florence:  work w/ victims of trafficking/prostitution.  Educational & Business Travel to other European countries, visit missionaries connected w/ our church.

July:  Britain

August:  Return home to start the 2015/2016 School Year

How can you help?:

1.  Pray:  Please pray for safety, provision, wisdom, & opportunities to serve.

2.  Brainstorm:  Please brainstorm with us regarding any contacts you may have in places we’re planning to travel.  We’d love to discuss potential ways we could help serve in areas of need.  We’d also just love to fellowship with other believers around the world.

3.  Stay in Touch:  Please stay in touch, whether through our Blog, email, or FB.  We’d love to share this journey with you & stay connected.

Thanks for taking the time to read!  Feel free to respond via FB private message or to

~Deena (for the Gainor Family)

2 Comments on “Details

  1. What a fantastic thing to do, Deena!!! I’m so proud of you and your family… a true adventure ahead of you guys!!! Stay safe, and enjoy every moment! Looking forward to following your blog!!! xxoo Maria ~ TI

    • Thank you, Maria! When you have four kids, the adventure is never over, ha ha! Thanks for supporting and encouraging us. It means so much to us as a family. XO

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