Day 15: Friends and Fun

One of the things we made sure to tell our family and friends was that they were welcome to come visit us as we traveled.  Of course, we meant it sincerely, but wondered if anyone would actually be able to make the trip to Playa del Carmen.  We know life is busy, and schedules are packed.GG RTW Mexico Fed Rene LR 2

So…imagine our surprise when we had not one…but TWO separate visits from dear friends!  On Sunday afternoon (yesterday), our friend Linda, also from Chicago, met us at a restaurant close by.  We finally got to introduce our husbands to each other, and shared a lot of great conversation and laughs over some delicious pizza!

GG RTW Mexico Fed Rene LR 3 GG RTW Mexico Fed Rene LR 4

Today brought another great surprise.  We were thrilled to find out that friends we had not seen for three years were coming to visit us in Playa!  It’s hard to express the joy we felt at being able to see loved ones while living so far away from “home”.

GG RTW Mexico Fed Rene LR 5 GG RTW Mexico Fed Rene LR 6

Visiting with Federico and Rene warmed and encouraged our hearts and it was so exciting to be able to introduce them to our children.  To Linda and Scottie, Federico, and Rene…thank you for making time for us.  What a memorable time together!

2 Comments on “Day 15: Friends and Fun

  1. It was great to be a part of it, I wish you the best and I bet we will meet soon again. Thank you for the experience to meet such a wonderful people. Deena, Ryan, Mikayla, Ryan Thomas, Kathryn and Danny, I hope this wonderful trip you’re doing makes you realize how wonderful people you are, and be sure people like me are always thinking of you and be inspired by you. Have a wonderful time and learn a lot.

    • Dear Fed, Muchas gracias for your sweet, kind words. It meant so much to us that you were willing to take time out of your lives and your vacation to visit us! What a joy to spend time with you and Rene, but it went by far too quickly. So…we have to do it again! New Zealand? 🙂 XOXO

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