Secrets Silversands Riviera Cancun

Photos first and then our review/thoughts on Secrets Silversands.  Make sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom!  Back to Mexican Resorts.

Secrets Silversands is a lovely, adults-only, beachfront, all-inclusive resort just north of Puerto Morelos.  It is close enough to both Cancun and Playa del Carmen for the adventurous traveler who likes to get off property and explore the surrounding areas and towns.  One great thing about this all-inclusive resort?  No wristbands!

Size:  Secrets Silversands offers 433 luxurious suites.   That said, I would not describe it as a large resort.  Everything was within easy walking distance, which was really convenient.  When we visited this resort, they were at 97% occupancy, which surprised me, because I never once felt crowded.  Everywhere we went, there was always a place to sit, whether in the lobbies (they have huge “bed-like” furniture there) or by the pools, and even on the beach!  I loved that we did not have to fight to find a place for ourselves.

Star Level:  This resort is a AAA Four Diamond resort and I can understand why!  It’s outstanding in so many ways and has most definitely earned this status.

Category:  I would best describe this resort as a lively, active resort with plenty of fun options.  The service is outstanding.  Every single staff member we encountered was courteous, friendly, and genuinely warm.

Beach:  The beach was the only slightly negative thing about this resort.  But then, I am comparing it to my dream beach, Maroma, so maybe my expectations are too high?  Take a look at my photos above.  Some areas of the beach are lovely, and the staff does a phenomenal job of raking the sand early in the morning.

There also seems to be a high quantity of seaweed in the water, which washes onto the beach.  The left side of the beach, especially, was getting pounded by 5pm.  The staff was on top of the seaweed from the start of the day, but with even three men, they could hardly keep up.  That said, I’d be interested to know if this is always the case.  I say this because right now, we are living in Playa, just south of the resort.  The beach in front of our condos is lovely and has never had a problem with seaweed.  This weekend, however, we returned to the beach, and were surprised by the amount of seaweed all over the beach!  So…perhaps this is just temporary and due to storms?  I’m really not sure.  I’ve heard otherwise from other travel agents, but just wanted to mention this.

One other thing about the beach here.  It is rather rocky in places.  We decided to take a swim and unfortunately, I didn’t feel like taking the time to put on my reef shoes.  I stubbed my toe soon after entering the water.   One other young, female swimmer also stepped on something while swimming.  She ended up bleeding, and the staff had to call a medic to assist her.  It was nothing too traumatic, but she was in obvious pain.  So, if you choose to swim here, you may want to consider wearing a little protection on your feet.  Just a little warning.

Accommodations:  The rooms at Secrets Silversands are contemporary and lovely.  Even the most standard room is very spacious (see photos above).  There is a lot of room to spread out, with a separate living room area and comfortable couches.  My favorite thing about this suite, however, is the “Secret Box.”  If you order room service and don’t feel like opening the door, staff can leave your order in a secret box that you have access to within your room.  It’s a cute idea.

Activities:  This resort is very active, with so much to do.   During the day, you can take Spanish or cooking classes, play ping pong and tennis, or go snorkeling.  You can also play in or on the water, enjoy a game of volleyball (there always seems to be a game going), or even take in a yoga class.  The list of available activities is long.  An added plus?  Each building section has its own pool, eight in all.  Not one pool on property seemed too crowded, as there was room for all.

Night Life:  At night, the resort comes alive.  There are theme nights, a huge outdoor movie playing, and an open air market.  The bars are open and hopping, and the socializing is just beginning.  If you are looking for a quiet, intimate resort, this might not be the best fit for you, although you can are able to find a few quiet spots.

Dining:  The dining here is exquisite.  Seriously…it is absolutely delicious.  Every single thing we tried, we absolutely loved, and we are true “foodies” at heart, so quality matters to us.  And better yet…no reservations required at any of the restaurants except for at Himitsu.   Breakfast was wonderful.  The buffet had a huge variety of foods, including crispy bacon, sausage, eggs, pastries, breads, fruit, made to order eggs, yogurts, and so much more.

We kept lunch simple by ordering on the beach.  Even simple wings and nachos were tasty and tided us over until dinnertime.  Plus, it was nice to not have to leave our beach chairs for the day.

Dinner?  Wow…just fantastic.  Make sure to view photos from dinner above.  Our favorites?

1.  The French a la carte restaurant:  Bordeaux.  It was  out of this world delicious!  Let’s start with the service.  From the moment we stepped into the restaurant until we said good-bye, we were treated with such kindness and care.  Incredible.  Next, every single item we ordered was phenomenal, and cooked just perfectly.  I honestly don’t have the words and will have to let my photos speak for me.

Just one more thing to note here.  For whatever reason, so many restaurants these days don’t give any thought to where they seat their customers.  You walk into a restaurant and even if most of the tables are still available, the hostess seats you at a table right next to other diners, drastically reducing your chances at private conversation.  I have never understood this.  Perhaps this doesn’t bother other people, but we happen to love our privacy.

The hostess at Bordeaux was fantastic.  We arrived rather early, so the dining room was still relatively empty.  Soon, however, it began to fill up.  As it did so, the hostess graciously seated people apart from those already seated.  We thought this was a lovely touch and really enjoyed the privacy and quiet until the restaurant was absolutely full.  Way to go, Bordeaux!

2.  Himitsu:  A fusion of Pan-Asian selections.  We chose to have only sushi at this restaurant and it was fabulous.  There is a unique Sushi Bar (no reservation required for this part of the restaurant) and it is shaped like a large oval.  A rotating “belt” keeps various sushi options dancing past you, enticing you to try something different.  The chef asked if we had any special requests.  Of course, we shared that we loved Spicy Tuna and also that I had a severe allergy to shellfish.  He then bent over backwards to make sure we didn’t choose any potentially dangerous choices.  He also  created a special Spicy Tuna Sushi dish for us.  It was fantastic.

3.  Coco Cafe:  Obviously, this is not a restaurant, but a cafe.  We did, however, just love it.  The cafe offered so many fun selections including coffees, teas, frappes, and pastries.  It was open early in the morning and did not close until 10pm.  A great choice if you’re craving something sweet but not into alcohol.

Well, there you have it.  This resort is one of the best we have ever visited.  Like I said above, the only thing I did not absolutely love was the seaweed and the rocky beach.  But if you’re into pools, socializing, and gourmet food, it’s a great choice.  Thank you, Secrets Silversands, for a wonderful visit.

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  1. This resort was at the top of my list when I was narrowing down spots for my last trip. It sounds like it is wonderful!

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