The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Living in Mexico has been very different than living back in Chicago.  While it has been very hot and humid, with occasional homesickness, this has been a time of learning, serving, trying new things, and building relationships.

Since we moved in, we have experienced so much.  We have met many wonderful people, visited a few luxurious resorts, attempted to learn Spanish  (),  snorkeled with turtles and sting rays, and visited ancient ruins.  I love the people at our church; they feel like family.  The resorts we have gone to have been really fun and very beautiful.  Our Spanish teachers are super friendly.  The ruins were quite interesting and had spectacular views.

Turtle 9-Akumal

Though we have had many enjoyable experiences here, there have been some unpleasant ones as well.  One time, we were coming home from a resort; it was very late and we were all extremely tired.  When we reached Playa Del Carmen, we needed to get a cab home.  After waiting and waiting for a six-person cab to pull up, we gave up, and settled on taking two.  As soon as they came by, we hopped in, too exhausted to think about anything.  When we got out, they charged us more than we thought it should have been.  See, there are set prices for each section you ride a taxi in.  Apparently, they didn’t want to follow that rule, so my parents ended up calling the police because they wouldn’t budge.  The police didn’t help one bit!  In the end, we ended up having to pay the taxi drivers what they wanted.  That was rather frustrating.  And there have been other times, too, where it has been difficult.  However, Mexico is, for the most part, a very friendly place.  I love how kind many people are, and the hospitality they show.  I feel embraced by everyone we know, especially the people at church; they are so welcoming.  Since we have gotten to know people, we have found out how open their hearts are, how much they long to serve Christ, how much they want to share His love with us.  Though we have been here for a mere two months, I feel like we have known them for years.  I will miss everyone very much when we move to other places.

One week, we all helped out with the LightHouse Church’s VBS.  One of my jobs was to help with songs.  For me, that was kind of hard to do.  Though I enjoy acting, singing a song I didn’t understand (it was in Spanish), and had practiced only a few times, was a little nerve-racking, to be honest.  Getting up there in front of all the VBS kids and staff, and having to jump around, trying to get the little kids involved…well, I felt a bit awkward.  After songs, I would help out with keeping the kids quiet in Bible time.  There were so many precious kids, from so many different situations in life, each with their own unique story.  Though I could not speak the same language as they did, we communicated in other ways – smiles, hand motions, little games….  I would not have traded that time for anything else.  It was such a neat experience, serving the church, interacting with sweet, fun kids, being part of a staff that just worked together.  And to see some of the kids come to Christ and get baptized at the end of the week….It was a week I will always remember.


There have been good and bad experiences in Mexico.  Through it all, we have learned a lot, built relationships, and gotten a better idea of what life in Mexico is like.  I will never forget the time spent here.

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  1. I am so glad you are growing and learning so much from your time in Mexico! I’m homesick for the Gainors! But for now keeping busy in Texas with some very adorable and very ACTIVE grand children 🙂 blessings to you, Laura Voss

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