Day 6: Ryan’s First Impressions

Ryan StarbucksAlong the streets in Playa del Carmen, there are no speed limits, no lanes, and no lights. Motorcycles glide in and out of groups of people, as do cars and taxis. People walk everywhere, usually not heeding the vehicles right behind them. Jaywalking laws don’t exist in Playa Del Carmen. Thankfully Starbucks does.The tour people here will ask you, “ Have you been with your kids to swim with the dolphins?”You’ll say, “No, not yet.”They’ll say, “How ‘bout now, amigo?”

You’ll say, “No thank you.”

They’ll say, “Come on, amigo, I give you good price.”

You walk away from them and they still follow. They will never stop hunting you. Run as fast as you can, and you might escape them for a few days.

In reality, they stop after about a minute.

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