Day 6: Dinner Tonight…

GG RTW Mexico Danny Tacos LRAfter meeting our Spanish teachers for the first time at Kava Kasa tonight, we headed back home, hungry but not in the mood to cook.  We opted to steer clear of the more expensive Fifth Avenue restaurants, and opted instead to explore the non-touristy areas of Playa.  
While walking, our paths intersected with a “salesman”, trying to draw us into the restaurant he worked for.  We explained that we were not tourists and were more interested in finding a place where the locals ate.  We were not too convincing at first, but he finally warmed up and shared secret information about one of his favorite taco stands.  “Tacos for a dollar,” he promised!  We were a little skeptical after he gave us directions, even more so when he said his name was “Mr. Tequila”, but we decided we would give it a try, so we headed west on 40th, as directed.    
After walking a few blocks, we found the taco stand.  The “chef” creating tacos did not speak one word of English, though he said “Yes” to the questions we asked.  We weren’t aware of this rather important fact …that is, until he started making our tacos with the wrong kind of tortillas.  Enter Mr. Edgar, owner of the taco stand.  He wisely recognized the communication barrier and helped us order what we needed.
So…$1.00 tacos from a tiny stand on a street corner in Mexico, away from the touristy areas?  Chances are, you are questioning the wisdom of our decision here.  Well, let me just share that these were quite possibly the best tacos we’ve ever had!!  Seriously, they were delicious, savory, and completely satisfying (except the kids continued asking for more!)
I may have mentioned this before, but several of the “Round the World” travel bloggers had mentioned staying within their budgets by eating at different food stands along the way.  Southeast Asia, in particular, was one destination in which travelers frequently followed this advice, and subsequently raved about their experience afterwards.
After reading that information, we thought, hey, we want to live like the locals.  We also want to live frugally and not carelessly spend our money.  Why not try the food stands in Playa?!  And so we did.  It was one of the most advantageous decisions made to date.    Muchas gracias, Edgar!  We’ll be back.
And Mr. Tequila?  We will hopefully find you one day and shower you with our gratitude as well.  We were very wrong to doubt you.

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