Cozumel: Day 1

Over the weekend, my family and I went to Cozumel.  We got a day pass on Friday to go to the all-inclusive resort Sunscape, and eat whatever we wanted, whenever we wanted, and swim practically the whole day. Waking up at 6:15, we hurried to get ready so we would catch the ferry in time.  However, we were not able to find a cab for a reasonable price, and so had to walk for approximately 45 minutes.  Unfortunately, we missed the first ferry, but were able to catch the 8:00 one. Once… Read More

Beneficial Plants in Mexico

There are many plants in Mexico which have great benefits and many uses.  Whether they are shrubs, trees, herbs, or flowers, they all have characteristics we can benefit from.  Three ones that I find interesting are these: Chicalotes, Desert Willow Trees, and Marjoram herbs. Chicalote plants are very interesting.  While their stems are prickly and look dangerous, their flowers are pretty and their medical productivity is amazing!  They have bluish-green leaves, bright-blue lines, and jagged edges.  The flowers are normally white or yellow and have a paper-texture.  The fruits are long and… Read More

The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful

Living in Mexico has been very different than living back in Chicago.  While it has been very hot and humid, with occasional homesickness, this has been a time of learning, serving, trying new things, and building relationships. Since we moved in, we have experienced so much.  We have met many wonderful people, visited a few luxurious resorts, attempted to learn Spanish  (),  snorkeled with turtles and sting rays, and visited ancient ruins.  I love the people at our church; they feel like family.  The resorts we have gone to have been really… Read More

Night on the Beach

We live in a condo right by the beach, which has an incredible view of the Ocean from many of the windows.  It is not even a two-minute walk to it.  There is almost always a breeze, blowing around the many palm trees around our condo.  At night, I like to open the wood door and feel the cool breeze rush in through the screen door.   Night walks on the beach are one of my favorite things!  I love the chills up my spine that the wind brings.  If I close… Read More

Day 8: Mikayla’s First Adventure

Day 8 Mikayla’s Blog: What is an adventure? I believe an adventure is experiencing something new. Arriving in Mexico was just the beginning to a very long adventure for my family and me. It started out as just an idea, a dream long wished for, but soon grew to possible options, then fully emerged as a plan laid out for the next year and two months. The first real thrill and feeling of reality came when we jumped in the car at 5:15 am with all of our luggage, on the morning… Read More


Mikayla joined our team in 2000 and has been a valuable member since then.  She is creative, fun, loves photography, reading, writing, and traveling.  She also enjoys drama and has had the opportunity to be in three Shakespeare plays.  Mikayla is most looking forward to seeing and experiencing the many things she has read about as well as just spending time with her family.

Finally Here!!!

A small stream of light hit my eyes, rudely awakening me from a deep sleep. “Mikayla…” I mumbled something inaudible, too tired to care if the loud voice could understand me.  How could they have had the audacity to rouse me from my ever-so-needed beauty sleep?  And then I remembered.  It was Monday, June 16, the day of our departure from Illinois to Mexico.  This was the day I’d been anticipating for months!  Now it was finally here. “C’mon, Mikayla.  It’s time to get ready.  We’re already running a little behind,” my… Read More