Night on the Beach

We live in a condo right by the beach, which has an incredible view of the Ocean from many of the windows.  It is not even a two-minute walk to it.  There is almost always a breeze, blowing around the many palm trees around our condo.  At night, I like to open the wood door and feel the cool breeze rush in through the screen door.  

Night walks on the beach are one of my favorite things!  I love the chills up my spine that the wind brings.  If I close my eyes and just listen, I can hear so many wonderful things: crickets chirping, crashing waves, palm trees swaying, and whooshing wind, just to name a few.

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One night, I was feeling a bit sick and the door was open, so I stood by it and almost immediately felt more refreshed.  I wanted so much to walk down on the beach, closer to the water.  I asked my parents if we could do that and, to my relief,  they said yes.  We walked down to the beach and it was beautiful.  It was pretty dark, so it was hard to see anything too far in front of you, but light enough to see the waves and things close to you.  A few minutes later, the sky became quite light and you could clearly see things all around.  Then, in the next minute, it started to rain.  Soon,  flashes of light  illuminated the sky in intervals. Just a few drops at first, but pretty soon, we were getting quite wet!  As we ran back to our condo, we accidentally kicked up sand behind us and the back of our calves got the unpleasant effect of it.  Wet with rain and sand-covered, we went to the pool’s shower to wash off before going back to the condo.  Finally, we got back to the condo and changed into dry clothes!  It was a really cool experience, despite how simple it was!

One Comment on “Night on the Beach

  1. Mikayla:

    You and the beach are very beautiful.  You look like you are having the time of your life.  I look forward to reading all the information each of you provide every day.  I am loving this.  It is like taking a moment of meditation when reading the messages you write.

    Bettie M.

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