Kathryn’s Experience in New Zealand

New Zealand is a beautiful place to be at. Oh, how to began. Well, I guess I’ll start with the most exciting things we did! Well, as you can imagine, we had to go and see Hobbiton.  I mean, we’re in New Zealand, and that’s one of the big reasons we came to New Zealand.

Can you tell I’m excited to be here?

How to began….. we got on the tour bus  and headed over the the lush green hills of Hobbiton, starting at one of the smaller hobbit holes. It was so interesting and fun. But what amazed me most, is that, in the movie, they only used the outside of Bilbos home. They filmed the inside somewhere different. To me, it was pretty disappointing. We walked around and took A LOT of photos. Then, after touring a few other holes, with a small description of each, we went to……guess where?  The Green Dragon!

Enjoying a Ginger Beer at the Green Dragon

There they give each person a free drink of their choice. Sadly, for the kids, all of them were alcoholic except for one. I was so excited, though, but I didn’t get to finish mine! We hopped back onto the tour bus and returned to our mobile home, our camper-van. 
Visiting Hobbiton

Visiting Hobbiton

As for the next most exciting thing I did, it would probably be the beautiful hikes we took along the way. The waterfalls, the colors, the flowers, even the clouds were amazing to photograph! We were able to climb rocks going down the river, see very amazing birds, and enjoy the beauty.  I really enjoyed the advantage of being able to stop and take photos where we wanted, or just the comfortable seats on long rides that are included when traveling in a camper-van.  We were glad to be back in firm beds when we visited Australia though.
Here's a shell I found that Mom took a photo of

Here’s a shell I found that Mom took a photo of

 One more exciting place we were able to visit?  Hot Water the Beach!  You had to shovel up your own pool and let the water from a small hot spring fill your pool.  It felt amazing and was such a fun experience.
As for the rest, all I can say is that is was a wonderful experience, and I hope the rest of our journey will be the same! And I’m quite confident it shall be.

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