Ryan Thomas on New Zealand

New Zealand, the place where hobbits, orcs and elves dwell. At least in the movies. In real life, well, at least you can still go on the middle earth tour (minus the elves, dwarves, and hobbits).  We figured the best way to get around New Zealand was a camper van, so that’s exactly what we did. Minus the nausea , the ride was great! Sleep whenever you want, wake up, look out your window, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery that is right in front of your face. Snowy mountains, rows upon rows of bright yellow flowers, and awesome rock formations by a beautiful beach make New Zealand one of the best places to just sit down and eat a sandwich.

Horse at Tongariro National Park

Horse at Tongariro National Park

But scenery isn’t the only amazing thing about New Zealand. Take for instance, the hot water beach. People go there night after night, digging little (or big) holes in the sand, and watching them fill up with water from the hot water springs, then relaxing in their jacuzzis while the wind is howling all around them with the ocean front of them. Just don’t burn yourself. And don’t jump in the ocean afterward, unless you want one of the coldest baths of your life. Jumping in the ocean is the most convenient way to get all the sand off of you though, so that’s what I had to do.
One of my most favorite things about New Zealand was Hobbiton. Make your way through the shire, then sit back and have a ginger ale at the green dragon inn. If you’re an adult, go ahead and have a REAL ale, ( 18 is the official drinking age in New Zealand).

Ginger Beer at the Green Dragon Inn

Or maybe go and see Mount Doom,  a really cool mountain with lot’s of snow. You can hike through a lot of Mordor, Isengard, and Lothlorien as well. (Anyone who has watched/read Lord of the Rings will know what I’m talking about).
A lot of the towns were very nice and the restaurants were great as well. Almost every single town, big or small, had an Indian restaurant, which is a plus for us (maybe not for you).  And of course, every town had one of my favorite dishes, Fish and Chips, which is like our Hamburgers and Fries. A place called Porky’s had exceptionally good fish and chips.
Overall, New Zealand has AMAZING scenery, great restaurants, and nice towns. It’s a great place to go in a camper van, and if you’re in the mood for fish and chips, just take a flight to New Zealand.

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