Over-all About Our Time in Tahiti

We stayed in Tahiti for about a week. We spent 5 days on the island of Moorea and 2 days on the actual island of Tahiti. There were many fun things that we did there, but the best part was that it was relaxing. After having done so many errands in California, it was nice to get a break in Paradise!

While we were in Moorea, we stayed in a bungalow. My parents shared one above the water and my siblings and I shared one overlooking the water. The views were quite lovely from both rooms.

Every morning, there was a buffet which included many delicious items including: omelettes, pancakes, french toast, bacon, fresh fruit, meats, cheeses, muffins, lots of drinks, and more. Try holding back with all of that laid out for you…and we weren’t buying lunch! The restaurant was overlooking the water, so breakfast was always a favorite time; it was always something to look forward to!

Mainly, we all just relaxed. We read books, sun-tanned, snorkeled, ate, and swam in the pool. There were, however, a few days when we were a bit more active.

One day, we took a little boat out into the ocean to swim with sharks and stingrays. Our skipper was a friendly man and was accompanied by another woman (she happened to be the only other person in our mini tour). He showed us around a little bit in the boat, pointing things out here and there while my siblings and I stood, arms outstretched, allowing the waves to move us up and down 🙂  When we got to our destination, everyone but Daniel jumped in. He was scared of being hurt by one of the sharks or stingrays. We told him it was perfectly safe and that the creatures were actually rather friendly (they just minded their own business), but his conscience would not allow him to come. Unfortunatley, he did not come in the water the whole time we were in that spot. The water was crystal-clear though, so at least he was able to see them from above. When we moved to a different location (we went to a coral garden next), he agreed to come into the water. He was surprised to see two stingrays there! I personally had a great time. It was really cool to swim with the sharks, touch the stingrays (their backs almost felt like moss!), witness the beautiful scenery, and “surf” (it kind of felt like surfing when we stood on the boat while the waves crashed beneath us). I would totally do that again if I had the opportunity.

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After 5 days, we took a ferry over to Tahiti and spent the last two nights in a hotel suite. One of the days there, we hired someone to take us on a tour of the island. He showed us a few different places including: an ancient King’s graveyard, a cave, a beautiful garden, a somewhat small waterfall, and a black-sand beach. It was nice getting to see more of the island and hit the main points.

Our time in Tahiti was great. It was so nice relaxing, seeing the place where my parents honeymooned, snorkeling, and eating great food. I really enjoyed being there. If I could go to Tahiti again, I would. It is a lovely place and if you ever have the chance, take it and visit “the most beautiful place in the world”…Paradise…Tahiti.

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