Day 179: Lake Tekapo

Ok, so I’m jumping ahead a bit, but I could hardly keep from posting this shot of Lake Tekapo! The photo doesn’t come close to describing what it is really like! The colors…wow!! And all this on a rather cloudy day!  I wonder what it would be like on a bright, sunny day.  I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand!

Gorgeous Colors Everywhere

Lake Tekapo is famous for it’s gorgeous blue/turquoise colored water and amazing purple, pink, and yellow lupine flowers.  It’s all rather stunning and difficult to take in.  You can just rest and relax with brilliant views or you can spend some time kayaking or  hiking in the area.  It’s well worth a few hours or even an overnight.

Purples, Pinks, Yellows, and Blues

Lake Tekapo is a very convenient stop along with way if you’ve just been to Queenstown and are heading to Christchurch, or if you are just hanging out in the Queenstown area.  The town itself is very small, with boutique type lodging, tiny shops and cafes, and great campervan and small cabin type lodging area right on the lake.

Quaint Colorful Stone Church

There is a little church that sits right by the water as well, with a front window that has the most amazing view of Lake Tekapo.  Just be sure not to attempt to take any photos, or the woman monitoring the church may scold you and point to a not-so-obvious sign about no photos.  Not that I would know anything about that.  🙂

If you have the time to hang out at Lake Tekapo, do visit!  It’s well worth the time and the views will blow you away.


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