Day 198: Queenstown, New Zealand

We visited Queenstown after leaving Milford Sound.  It was another must see destination and quite honestly, we could have spent three or more days here, just exploring all of the shops, restaurants, and surrounding activities. Here’s the beginning of our journey to Queenstown. It started with dramatic snow capped mountains and gushing waterfalls, then transitioned to soft blue mountain backdrops with purple, yellow, and pink flowers and green blue lakes. Next, we crossed over a flowing, bright blue river as we entered Queenstown.  It was quite a lovely welcome. Queenstown is a… Read More

Day 197: Lake Wanaka, New Zealand

We were told by trusted resources that if we were going to spend time on both North and South Islands in New Zealand, we should spend 1/3 of that time on the North Island, and 2/3 of the remaining time on the South Island.  We now completely understand why.  South Island offers some of the most stunning vistas from snow topped mountains to intensely shaded blue green waters, and colorful flora and fauna.  It’s staggeringly gorgeous.  Below is just a fraction of the scenery we were treated to. We were also strongly encouraged to… Read More

Day 196: West Coast, New Zealand

We enjoyed the gorgeous views driving along the West Coast of South Island,  New Zealand.  We started very early this particular morning, as we had done some Freedom Camping close by the night before.  We began our day at Westport heading south along the west coast, and then driving through the Haast Pass. The drive was spectacular, but I imagine you are tired of hearing me say that!  So…see for yourselves. What you’re not seeing here are the waterfalls running off the cliffs and into the ocean! Punakaiki, also known as “Pancake Rocks”… Read More

Day 188: Milford Sound – “Don’t Do It!”

“Whatever you do, do NOT drive yourselves to Milford Sound!”  Those are the first words we heard when talking to a native New Zealander about our upcoming trip to Milford Sound.  Given that we were considering doing so in a Campervan made us hesitate slightly about our choice and we almost re-considered but chose to do it anyway. Why the warning?  Because Milford Sound receives thousands of visitors each year, and can become overly crowded, not to mention the large, dangerous, speeding tour buses trucking along without a care in the world… Read More

Day 179: Lake Tekapo

Ok, so I’m jumping ahead a bit, but I could hardly keep from posting this shot of Lake Tekapo! The photo doesn’t come close to describing what it is really like! The colors…wow!! And all this on a rather cloudy day!  I wonder what it would be like on a bright, sunny day.  I am so overwhelmed by the beauty of New Zealand! Lake Tekapo is famous for it’s gorgeous blue/turquoise colored water and amazing purple, pink, and yellow lupine flowers.  It’s all rather stunning and difficult to take in.  You can just… Read More