Day 196: West Coast, New Zealand

We enjoyed the gorgeous views driving along the West Coast of South Island,  New Zealand.  We started very early this particular morning, as we had done some Freedom Camping close by the night before.  We began our day at Westport heading south along the west coast, and then driving through the Haast Pass. The drive was spectacular, but I imagine you are tired of hearing me say that!  So…see for yourselves.

RTW NZ West Coast 1 wm

What you’re not seeing here are the waterfalls running off the cliffs and into the ocean!

RTW NZ West Coast 2 wm

Punakaiki, also known as “Pancake Rocks” was worth the stop along the way.  There is a small little welcome center and restrooms directly across from the entrance to Punakaiki, and Pancake Rocks is a short loop with numerous viewpoints along the way.  It can easily be done in ten minutes if you’re rushing, longer if you want to take photos.

Punakaiki or “Pancake Rocks”

Do you see any animal shapes above?  Look hard!

RTW NZ Haast Pass 1 wm

And of course, no matter where you drive, you don’t have to look too far to find a stunning waterfall.  They were everywhere.

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