Moorea, Sharks, and BACON

How do you leave paradise? Answer: you don’t. Sadly, we had to. But for the week that we were there, we saw sharks, sting rays, and beautiful scenery. Oh, we also saw fish.

The four kids (that includes me) stayed in a bungalow right by the water, while the parents stayed in one directly above the water. They had a little window on their floor, allowing us to see all the colorful (and not so colorful ) fish floating under it. They had a balcony, which was connected to a ladder, which led down into the water. Getting in the ocean and snorkeling wasn’t very difficult.

A breakfast buffet was provided every morning, and believe me, it was awesome. Bacon, pancakes, muffins, french toast, eggs. A really sweet coconut milk, juice, hot chocolate, coffee. They had tons of fresh fruit, yogurt, and if I told you everything, you would fall asleep, but hopefully you get the picture. (My mom probably has pictures as well, so maybe you can get an even better picture on her blog).

The third day there (I think ), we had planned a boat tour around the island. After breakfast, we walked straight out onto the dock and jumped into our boat. We rode some waves along the way and stopped twice to see two dolphin pods playing around. We made our first stop in some shallow water pretty far out, and the five of us jumped in with the sharks and giant sting rays. I was an idiot and forgot to bring my camera.

(My mom took this one):

So many stingrays

So many stingrays

Why do I say, “the five of us”? Because one of us, (I won’t tell who, but I will say that he was a boy and he wasn’t me) was a little frightened for his limbs, and refused to even touch the sandy bottom of the ocean. The sharks were roughly three to six feet long, and obviously not aggressive, which we kept trying to tell this anonymous person, but he wouldn’t listen. We even offered him ice cream and five bucks, but that wasn’t enough, either. This picture shouldn’t reveal too much of who he is:


I don’t know if he was scared of the sting rays, as well, but they were massive. Much bigger than my face and about as big as my dream pancake.

Luckily, we stopped at a coral garden, and this anonymous boy happened upon another giant sting ray which happened to be in the area. Still no sharks, but at least he got to experience the sting rays.

It took an hour to get back to the bungalow, but we had a blast snorkeling and riding the waves (I think that was the mysterious boy’s favorite part).

It was a sad departure, because how often is unlimited bacon an option in your daily morning routine? Of course, we would also be leaving the beautiful area and colorful fish. We took the ferry back to Tahiti, and our hair loved the windy ride back. (Pictures included)



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