The American Club – a Photoblog

The American Club is a 5 star 5 diamond resort located approximately 2.5 hours north of Chicago in quaint Kohler, WI.  It has a very interesting and unique story.  The resort was not built as a hotel originally, but rather as a dormitory.  It was used to house the immigrant workforce, needed after John Michael Kohler converted a cast-iron water trough in 1873 by adding 4 feet and enameling it, creating a bathtub.  This idea turned into a successful business that provided jobs for many immigrants.

Walter Kohler believed that “A worker deserves not only wages, but roses as well.”  He undertook an ambitious project to build housing in 1918 that would include a pub, bowling alley and barbershop for immigrants and their families, costing only $27.50 a month. Lessons in citizenship and English were also offered.  The American Club reemerged as a beautiful boutique resort in 1981.

Above and below are photos of the main living room, that sits just across from the front desk with a roaring wood-burning fireplace, the long, cozy library that is found adjacent to the front desk and living room, and the Founder’s room, which also has an intimate fireplace and additional privacy.  All three spaces offer a quiet, peaceful space in which to sit, talk, enjoy some wine, play some games, or put together a puzzle.  I would best describe the experience as elegant but casual.  We spent several hours in these areas, feeling the tension in our bodies from the past few months of holiday craziness slowly slip away – that is, until we faced off with a game of chess.  The tension came back for a few hours while we played, but it was all in fun!

There are many other cozy spots in the resort as well.  We also enjoyed the resort room we were offered, as well as the sweet anniversary surprise we received.


Another unique space is the Green House, a café surrounded by gorgeous stained glass windows.

The American Club is pretty incredible.  I could go on and on but I’ll stop for now, and leave you with just a little sampling of the delicious food we were treated to.  The photos below are from the Immigrant, with Chef Lenny (also pictured below), but the other restaurants (Wisconsin Room and the Horse and Plow) were also excellent.  One of our favorite indulgences was the extra thick Mint Chocolate Chip Shake from the Greenhouse.  Sorry, no photo of that.  It wasn’t around for too long. Photos from left to right:  Pan Seared Scallops, Fish on a bed of Thai Noodles, Grilled Wagyu Shortribs, and a delicious Cheesecake Sphere.

Thank you, American Club, for such a lovely visit.  We are extra thankful to Stephanie from Hospitality Reservations, Mary Beth from the front desk, Chef Lenny at the Immigrant Restaurant, and Denny at the front door who helped make this an incredible weekend to remember with their kindness, thoughtful gestures, and outstanding customer service.  We hope to see you all again.

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