Lake Louise Canada – Photoblog

Just a few photos of beautiful Lake Louise as winter begins to thaw.  Known for the intensity of blue colors during the summer, the lake was covered by a blanket of soft white snow when we arrived.

Above:  People hiking out into the middle of Lake Louise and across to the other side. There are also several beautiful hiking trails around the lake and up into the mountains.  During the winter you’ll want to use snow shoes, as the snow can be very deep.  Don’t ask us how we know…

Through the week, however, the sun shone brightly, and we began to see glimpses of turquoise colored waters hiding just beneath the solid ice surface.

2019 Canada Lake Louise stream mountain 6 WM

On the other side of the lake, we found frozen waterfalls, blue glacial ice, and thawing lake water.  The intensity of the blues was stunning and unexpected!  It was gorgeous.

Since our first child is leaving for college in August, we decided Lake Louise would be the perfect backdrop to get a few family photos.  We hired a local photographer to help us capture memories here.  Photo Credit: Lindsay.

We are hoping to return during the summer or fall months in the future.  Take a little sneak peak of our video clip below and make sure to turn up the volume.  You are so beautiful, Lake Louise.


2 Comments on “Lake Louise Canada – Photoblog

  1. So gorgeous! Lake Louise is one of our stops in 2020. Hope it’s as gorgeous in June! Miss you guys! Killing me you will be so close in a couple days. AND graduation! Oh oh I can not retire soon enough!!!

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    • Hmmm…Lake Louise may have to be our new Mackinac? We would go back in a heartbeat, Nancy. Love and miss you guys.

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