Danny in Capri, Italy

Capri is one of the most beautiful place I have seen!  Capri is very very small, and it is an island near Naples, Italy.  Capri has great views, everywhere!  If you climb up the mountain, there is an amazing hike you can take, and when you are at the top, you can look down on the ocean!  It is so beautiful!

The Faraglioni

Capri also has lots of alleys that have tons of houses lined up.  Most of the houses are in the wall actually, well a lot where I was, that is what I saw.  Besides, Capri is pretty small, and you can’t even see it on a map!  (Unless you zoom in on google maps…)

We went on a really cool hike on the mountain, and it was probably about 3 hours!  It had a lot of downhill, and uphill.  It was also actually dangerous if you fell.  There are no walls, no fences, no anything.  So if you tripped in some places, you’d probably break your arm or die.

Hiking on Anacapri

Well, anyway, all of Capri is beautiful, and there is so much color.  We stayed at a family’s house, and it was really fun.  You probably already know this, but everyone mostly speaks Italian.

Capri is really pretty, but we only stayed for about one week.  But really, that’s enough to see it all.  All of the beauty, and the shops.  There were quite a lot of shops, and there were mini plazas all around.  Capri is really fun to stay in, and I really want to go back there sometime later in my life!

Taking the Gondola up to Monte Solaro

Well, that’s Capri!

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