Day 379: In Search of Gordon Ramsey – London

Ok, the truth is, I am not into reality TV shows.  Most of them are crazy and I avoid watching them.  Master Chef and Hell’s Kitchen, however, are two I can honestly say I enjoy at times.  I’m not sure why exactly.  I don’t particularly enjoy the bickering, fighting, and swearing…but I do love learning about food and there’s no denying that Chef Gordon Ramsay knows his way around a kitchen!  Just take a glance at his profile and you’ll know what I mean.

Plus, there’s just something genuine and kindhearted about the Chef that is quite easily apparent despite the perception of his being hot tempered.  And his work ethic and approach to life is inspiring, as is his passion for his art and his compassion for those who take their work seriously.  I’ve never met Chef Ramsay and I’m pretty sure this introverted gal would be completely tongue-tied if I did, but I’m almost positive I’d love him and his family.

Ryan and I got to meet his “extended” family when we visited the Union Street Cafe in London a few days ago. When the maitre d’ (Fabio) discovered we were huge Gordon Ramsay fans, he invited us to take a tour of the kitchen and meet the chefs! We thought it would be a quick in and out, shake hands and say good-bye but no…he toured us through every station, introduced us to the whole amazing crew, and let us hang out, taste testing fresh, creamy, homemade coconut gelato! I’m blown away by how fun, welcoming, and sweet everyone was. And don’t get me started on how delicious the food was!

Even more fun was hearing about the lives of the members working at the Cafe, where they came from, and what brought them here.  It was also a pleasure hearing them share their respect and admiration for Chef Ramsay, his wife, and their four children.  They are a unique crew and I imagine it’s not easy to find loyal, hardworking men like this.  Thank you, Chef Gordon Ramsay.  This whole dining experience was one of our highlights in visiting London.  The only thing missing was YOU!

And the food:

The review we left on Trip Advisor:

“In an age when celebrity culture is often large on style and low on substance, Gordon Ramsay’s Union Street Cafe deserves a standing ovation for delivering an outstanding experience with authentic people and fantastic food. We are on the tail end of a round the world year long trip with our four children, and I must say this dining experience was one of the best!

The staff was warm, welcoming, and professional and the food (Rainbow Trout appetizer, corn fed Chicken, and Veal Saltimbocca) was excellent.

Beyond that, every staff member seemed passionate about their work and genuinely cared about customers. Fabio, the maitre d’, went out of his way to welcome us and when he found out we were Gordon Ramsay fans, invited us to tour the kitchen and meet the whole crew! We enjoyed getting to interact with Davide, the head chef, and Stefano, the brilliant pastry chef…and so many others. (Apologies for not remembering everyone’s names or knowing how to spell them all, but you all made the evening special!).

We loved our dinner here tonight and and the excellent dining was only one reason! We would highly recommend it. Chef Ramsay, we head back to Chicago soon and will anxiously await the first Gordon Ramsay restaurant in Chi-town!”

2 Comments on “Day 379: In Search of Gordon Ramsey – London

  1. I absolutely love your review on Gordon Ramsey’s cafe in London – I shall also put this on my to-do list when visiting London thanks to your brilliant story telling and inspiring journey. You really make the reader and onlooking travel junkie appreciate the little things that oh so often go missed.

    • Thanks, Angie! I really appreciate your comments and hope you make it to the Cafe! You’d love it. Please let me know when you are going!! Too bad we weren’t here at the same time. One of these days, our paths will cross. My family would love you.

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