Danny’s Indonesia


 Indonesia is a great place with lots of street food, cool malls with roller coasters in them, temples (which I don’t fancy), and markets.  Waiting to cross streets is also very frustrating because so many motorcycles are in Indonesia that every second of the day, they will be riding on the road while they can.  Some people try and fit four motorcycles in one car lane and some riders also put six people on one motorcycle!  Traffic is the most challenging thing that could ever happen when you’re in a hurry to get somewhere while in Indonesia.  Like trying to catch a plane.

The policeman directing traffic


 All the markets in Indonesia pretty much have the same thing over and over again, but when you find grilled corn with butter and salt over and over again, you will love it!  I am not an Indonesian food person because pretty much the only food I like is Thai, American, or Indian.  They also have many, many grilled pork, steak, chicken, or beef sticks in stands.  The stands that people buy can mostly roll around.  So if you’re done selling food, just roll your stand over to your house, and lock it up!  Simple.  The kebobs and fried chicken that people sell is one thing I will adore forever!
Danny at the Markets

Danny at the Markets


 All temples in Indonesia are very similar to each other and they all have you take your shoes off before entering for a sign of respect to their gods.  Most of them have offering tables that have glue on them.  So if you were to give money to the temple, you would go inside, get some money, and stick it on to the large table.
Robe I had to wear to visit the Temple

Robe I had to wear to visit the Temple

Indonesian Rupiah

Money here is also called rupiahs and 12,000 rupiahs is one dollar!  I found a really nice wooden ship that had sails on it and it was only 32,000 rupiahs.  Everything in Indonesia is cheap but it is also very, very hot when you go there for your first time.


And of course, we had to have a little fun in Bali as well!
Danny and Ryan swimming in Bali

Danny and Ryan swimming in Bali

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  1. Well written Danny…you have a great creative style. Miss everyone…love hearing about your adventures.. Love to all, Grandma G

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