Day 261: Noah and Ruth Plus 42

Ryan, the kids, and I had the incredible opportunity to meet a very special man, Noah, and his wife Ruth while visiting Myanmar/Burma.  Noah and Ruth have three children of their own.  They live in a very modest, one level home just 15 minutes from the border of Thailand, in Myanmar/Burma.  We were able to walk across the border between Thailand and Burma, where we met Noah, hopped into an open air taxi, and headed to his home.

Noah and Ruth

Noah and Ruth

So…what is special about this couple?  At the moment, they actually have 42 children living with them?  No, that is not a typo.  You read correctly.  And not very long ago, they actually had 51 children at one time.  Unfortunately for one reason or another, all the children have not been able to remain with them.  Some reasons are financial, some are because their hill tribe families need their help.  But more about that later.  Here is a recent family photo.

Noah, Ruth, and their 51 kids

Noah, Ruth, and their 51 kids

We first heard about Noah and his wife in  Wheaton, IL when meeting new missionary friends visiting the States last Spring.  They took time out of their busy schedules to meet with us, since we were interested in learning more about ministries in Thailand and ways our family could potentially fold in while on our journey.  We were most interested in learning about what God was doing with victims of trafficking.  During the course of our conversation, our friend Jason shared Noah’s story.  We were blown away and knew we had to meet Noah.  So, here’s a little more:

Noah has a heart for children and unreached people groups.  He began to visit some of the Hill Tribes near the border of China and Laos on his motorcycle.  The families living here having little to nothing.  They are not recognized by the government and may not have access to medical care or education.  Food is scarce.  Many of the children face the risk of either being trafficked or enlisted into the army as child soldiers.  Does that surprise you?  It surely took me by surprise!  How tragic.

Map of the Hill Tribes Noah is working with

Map of the Hill Tribes Noah is working with

One by one, Noah began offering the children a new home, where they could eat, grow, stay safe, and hopefully even begin to attend school.  I’m not quite sure how they do it, because caring for so many children’s needs can be overwhelming, not to mention very expensive, but they manage. God has blessed them with friends who help provide rice and vegetables, and occasionally, they are gifted with meat/protein.

Below are a few photos of their home and the lovely children they share their home with.  We were so warmly embraced by all of the children when we arrived, we were really touched.  There was joy, contentment, and a real bond so clearly evident among all of the children.  I know we’ve talked often to ourselves and our children about the importance of being thankful for all we’ve been given, but to see this concept being lived out in front of us by ones so young with so little was a true encouragement.  We feel blessed to have had the chance to visit and wish we could have stayed longer.

If you are interested in helping Noah and Ruth provide for their children, please send me a private message.  I know they’d appreciate any assistance.  You can also be praying for them.  One of their greatest needs is creating a business for themselves which can help them to sustain the sacrificial life they have chosen to live.  Better yet…maybe stop in yourself and say “Hello.”

3 Comments on “Day 261: Noah and Ruth Plus 42

  1. WOW! What a family! What a beautiful display of the love of Christ. Thank you for sharing about these wonderful people. I will be praying for them.

  2. Thank you Gainors, for taking the time to visit us here and for loving on Brother Noah’s family and all the children at the home. Please come back and see us again!

    • Thank you, Jason, for taking the time to connect us with Noah and Ruth. That was the highlight of our trip to Myanmar! We do hope to see the whole family again someday soon. Until them, please give them our love and share the photos with them.

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