Day 232: Exploring Indonesia – Food and Friends

After leaving Australia and before flying to Thailand, we headed to Indonesia.  First came Bali for six nights and then Jakarta for three more, to visit a dear friend, Becca, who used to attend our church in IL but now teaches in Jakarta.  We had so much fun exploring Indonesia together, that it took me a while to put this post together.

Note photo number three!  Becca was teaching the kids about the “Shy Princes”, a plant that shrivels up with the slightest touch.  Very neat!

The next set of shots are of Becca and a few of the fantastic friends she works with. We enjoyed getting to know them all, and of course, the highlight of our times together were the meals we shared.  Thank you, Becca, John, Kimberly, Jake, and Vero for warmly welcoming us into your lives for a few days.  We hope to meet them again one day.

Oh, and did I mention that while the boys were getting their $4 hair cuts, Becca, the girls, and I were having an amazing Indonesian Facial?  It lasted for an hour and twenty minutes and cost the equivalent of $17 USD!  It was relaxing and very different from what I had expected.  Wonder when I’ll ever get to do that again.

As for dining, that was tremendous fun in Indonesia.  A full meal might cost all of $2 USD, so we had the freedom to try a lot of different things!  Half the time we ordered, we had no idea what we were ordering, but it almost always turned out well.  It was really helpful when they had photos though.

Warning:  Unless you’re a true foodie, however, I highly suggest you turn back at this point, because the remainder of this post will have nothing but photos of FOOD!

Well…that’s just a little bit of our experience in Indonesia.  More to come soon.

2 Comments on “Day 232: Exploring Indonesia – Food and Friends

  1. Awww… Kimberly and I had great time looking through these photos! You really make Indonesian food look good! It was such a joy to have you come and visit, stop by any time you are in the neighborhood. 😉

    • Hi Becca! So glad you guys enjoyed it. Wish I had had time to take more photos. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed. We all had such a great time together. Thank you again! We hope to see you this summer. XOXO

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