Katie’s Tahiti Time Blog

When we left for Tahiti, I was so excited I was jumping up and down.  As we boarded the airplane, you could barely contain my excitement! When we landed, I couldn’t get my head around the thought that I was actually in Tahiti! The journey had begun.

The purples and yellows!

The purples and yellows! Photo taken by my mom.

But, as you can imagine, things always go wrong in the Gainor family.  I bet you’re wondering, “What now?” Well, here’s your answer:  Between the time we landed and got a ride over to the ferry station (since we were going to stay in Moorea, and the  they’re both separate islands) and went to the ATM to exchange U.S. cash for Pacific Francs, which is what Tahitians call their money, we lost our passports. Of all things, it had to be our passports, the one thing we could not lose for our trip? Seriously?

 So we were forced to split up.  Dad had to stay behind to find them. We arrived at our next destination: Moorea.  Unfortunately, when we got to our hotel, we were told that dad was not able to find them. We had to take another trip back to Tahiti again. It took up about the whole day to find them.  In the end, a man had found it at the ATM and handed it in to the police.  They knew where we were, because before then, we told them what had happened, and they suggested where to go, so knew where we were.  They called the office we were at, and we were finally able to settle in.
The most amazing thing that happened during our time in Tahiti was probably swimming with the stingrays and sharks. They were pretty big. The sharks reached about 4-5 ft in length.  The stingrays, well, they were just massive. Almost as big as a round patio table. It-was-amazing! Though, sadly, one little boy refused to get in. Danny was too scared and afraid to allow them the privilege to take a nice juicy bite out of one of his precious limb.
It was a blast. We saw so many things! Dolphins, (yes, I know, how lucky) huge fish, sharks, stingrays, and beautiful, colorful fish. And that was pretty much what we did the whole time. Snorkel.  Seems a little boring?  Try it.  It’s amazing. It’s a truly great experience. I hope that we will be able to enjoy much more of snorkeling so many more times!

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