Azul Beach, 2014

Azul Beach is a family-friendly Karisma resort located in about 25 minutes south of Cancun International Airport.  This property is especially good for families with young children.  As always, photos first followed by my review.  Back to Mexican Resorts.

Azul Beach:  Fact Sheet

Size:  Azul Beach has 148 rooms and suites, which include standard deluxe rooms, Jacuzzi junior suites, honeymoon suites, swim up suites, and more.

Star Level:  We would rate this property a 4 star.  This is based on two site inspection visits of less than two hours each, so please do keep this in mind.

Category:  Azul Beach Resort is an upbeat, fun family-friendly resort which caters especially to families with young kids.  There are numerous amenities for babies, toddlers, and children, some of which I will mention below under “Rooms.”

Beach:  This resort sits on a very pretty, soft, sandy stretch of beach.  It is actually my favorite beach of all the Azul properties.  At times, it can get some seaweed, but the staff works very hard to keep the beach clear.

Rooms:  The rooms at Azul Beach are very nice.  They are pristine, very well decorated, comfortable, and spacious.  What is unique about the Azul properties, however, is that the rooms come with so many additional amenities that many other resorts seem to forget about.

For example, if you have infants and toddlers, the resort offers cribs, playpens, baby food, water bottle heaters, stroller, toys, etc.  The list goes on.  We have four of our own children and have traveled with them before.  We know how difficult it is to just bring one along, when you think of all of the equipment you have to haul around with you.  Azul Beach takes the stress out of traveling with children…at least when it comes to what you need to bring.  That is no small gift.  If you have little ones, I have no doubt you understand exactly what I’m talking about.  So, well done, Azul Beach!

Activities/Nightlife:  Azul Beach offers the typical daytime activities that other resorts do, however, it is not an overly active place.  If you want a resort with a ton of different daytime and nighttime activities and entertainment, you may need to look elsewhere.  Azul Beach caters more to families who just want to spend time together, have fun, and relax.  There is, however, a fantastic Kid’s Club for children ages 4-12.  They seem to keep the children very active and happy, allowing Dad and Mom to get away for a few hours to enjoy time together.  They also offer a nanny service for a small fee.

Dining:  Again, we only had the opportunity to sample one meal at this resort, but it was delicious.  The food presentation was beautiful, the service very friendly, and the overall ambiance pleasant.

Overall:  Overall, this is a great resort for families with young children who want to spend time relaxing, playing on the beach, and just enjoying each other.  The unique amenities they offer make traveling with children so much easier.   Another advantage to consider is that the resort is rather small, making getting around very easy.  This is a huge advantage when you’re toting around little ones.  If your children are older, however, you may want to consider an alternative resort.  That said, Azul Beach is a lovely property!  If you get a chance to visit, please let me know what you thought.  Thanks.

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