Three Months: Mexican Independence Day Celebration!

We arrived in Mexico exactly three months ago, on June 16th.  We can hardly believe we’ve been living abroad for that long already.  The time has passed so quickly, we have experienced so much, and we have made some lifelong friends.  What an adventure this has already been, and we haven’t even left North America yet.  We look forward to all that is ahead.

Here are a few shots from our Independence Day celebrations in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The fiesta started at 10pm and continued on long into the night.  We left around 1am, arriving home exhausted but happy and full of new memories and experiences.  Enjoy our photoblog.  I’ve included short descriptions below each one.

Fireworks at 11pm


Corn on a stick

A Customer being offered chili for the corn

The corn was smothered with mayonnaise and Parmesan Cheese. YUM!

“It’s pretty good, Mom. Try it.”

Making Fresh Churros.


They are best just out of the oil but don’t get burned.

RTW Mexico Independence 3 LR WM

Danny too busy enjoying Churros to smile for the camera!

Loved how everyone got into the celebration!

Mmm…Crepes with Nutella and Caramel!

The Fiesta began at 10pm. When in Rome… iphone photo

3 Comments on “Three Months: Mexican Independence Day Celebration!

  1. Wow! Time IS flying…The good thing about that is we’ll have the Gainor Family back home sooner: ) Thanks for sharing the pics – they help us to “travel the world” with you: )

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