Day 314: Of Churros and Chocolate

We love trying new foods and I was especially excited for the kids try to typical Spanish Churros with chocolate, as it was one of my favorite treats when backpacking through Europe many years ago.  These Churros did not disappoint! You have to know to ask for the chocolate, which, although technically a thick hot chocolate drink, is used to dip the Churros in.  It is a delicious combination! And what better to top it all off than a hot cup of coffee? Above is one of my childhood friends growing up…. Read More

Three Months: Mexican Independence Day Celebration!

We arrived in Mexico exactly three months ago, on June 16th.  We can hardly believe we’ve been living abroad for that long already.  The time has passed so quickly, we have experienced so much, and we have made some lifelong friends.  What an adventure this has already been, and we haven’t even left North America yet.  We look forward to all that is ahead. Here are a few shots from our Independence Day celebrations in Playa del Carmen, Mexico.  The fiesta started at 10pm and continued on long into the night.  We… Read More