Exploring Cozumel with Kathryn

A little while ago we went to Cozumel and had a blast. We walked quite a long way to get to our ferry, but missed it by a few minutes because the closer ferry terminal was closed. We had to buy tickets to the next ferry and it only left at 8:00am, which shortened our visit by an hour.

GG Blog Katie Cozumel Ferry LR

The Ferry between Playa del Carmen and Cozumel – It’s one of two companies and both are fine


After the 45 minute ferry ride, we arrived in Cozumel and enjoyed the day at a resort called: Sunscape Sabor.  We loved the food.  We snorkeled for a little while, and saw tons of fish. When you snorkel, it is like you are entering another world as you dip your head under the salty water.

GG Blog Katie Cozumel Snorkel LR

Snorkeling in Cozumel

You can see the amazing way fish live, the fascinating lives of all the creatures, and plants down below. You are treated to a wonderful experience and discover so many new things.  Ryan and I were fortunate to see a little stingray the color of white and brown.  He flew swiftly across the sandy ocean floor.

GG Blog Deena Cozumel Snorkel LR WM

So many colorful fish

We saw many fish, and marveled at the two pelicans that would not stop swooping down and nearly knocking us off our feet.

2014 RTW Katie Cozumel Bird

Katie’s Swooping Pelicans

After we finished snorkeling, we sat down in the sand where the waves gently drifted up to us time to time.  We enjoyed drinks from the bar as we watched the gorgeous sun set.  It was beautiful. All the clouds changed shapes just as we guessed what they might be and the sun fell slowly below the clouds.

After that, we went to a restaurant that took forever to serve us our food.  The staff was very nice but the service was very slow.  One very sweet couple noticed that we had not yet gotten what we ordered, even after an hour.  She complained to the waiter that they needed to serve us.  As they passed our table on their way to the door, the woman said to us, “You guys are amazing. You’re so patient!  I can’t believe that they’re making you wait this long. Well, have a good night.”

Finally, we got our food, and left soon after. We all arrived at the nice hotel my mom booked for us, and went to bed. When we woke up, we spent the day exploring, and had a blast. We saw many new items and colorful jewelry.  We also toured the island and all of its beautiful beaches.

GG Blog Katie Cozumel Ice Cream LR

Enjoying ice cream on the Island of Cozumel

We took a few pictures of the sunset at the beach after we ate our delicious dinner and played in the sand while we waited for the last of the sun to fall and the moon to rise, while dad and Ryan went to go get our ferry tickets.

When dad and Ryan returned, we all enjoyed our last hour walking around and exploring the city.  We discovered sugary fried Churros, and then boarded the ferry. We found our seats and settled in for another 45 minute trip across the sea. The rocking waves and the sound of the water slapping against the side boat caused me to almost drift to sleep, but my sleep was interrupted by our arrival into Playa del Carmen.

We waved a taxi down and drove home.  We were  amazed with what we had just experienced. I can’t wait to see more, and hope to be able to go snorkeling many more times!  ~Kathryn

2014 RTW Mexico Katie Cozumel Donkey WM

The Donkey we found wandering the streets of Cozumel

3 Comments on “Exploring Cozumel with Kathryn

  1. Sounds like a wonderful trip Kathryn, and your description is beautifully written, it makes me feel like I want to be there! Well done. I actually just found this blog tonight and had no idea I could follow your trip…how fun and thank goodness, I didn’t know how to contact you. Keep learning and enjoying your journey, and keep sharing… I love reading about your adventures. I love you so much, Grandma G

    • Dear Grandma G, Thank you so much for the message. You miss you so much. Thank you for the compliment too. I hope you are having a good time in Oregon. I was wondering if you could send me your work email again. I tried to email you (at the Sheldon Park email) the night you left, but was not able to. The error message said my email failed to send. Oh…and Mom sent you an email with the blog address and Facebook address too (www.facebook.com/gainors). She sent it a few weeks ago but you may not have gotten it? I’ll ask her to send it again. I love you so much and hope you have a good day. Love, Kathryn. 🙂

      • Hi Sweetie…again, I am slow to respond only because I just saw this response. Silly Me! My email address at work is.. Sheldon.cr1@blueharborsl.com Love to hear from you, it means so much. Learn all you can! it is a fascinating trip. Love you so much, Grandma “G”

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