Day 27: A Cozumel Sunset

We enjoyed our first Cozumel nightfall yesterday!  Being on the “West” side of the island, we were treated to a spectacular sunset over the water.  The colors emerged slowly as the sun disappeared behind clouds.  For a moment, we feared the clouds would obscure our view.  Moments later, however, the sun peeked through the bottom of the clouds and the sky burst into colors…red, orange, purple, yellow.

It was brilliant and though I wasn’t able to capture the full beauty of what we experienced, I just wanted to share this captivating moment with you.  God’s glory revealed!

GG Blog Cozumel Sunset 1 LR WM

4 Comments on “Day 27: A Cozumel Sunset

  1. You make me want to do what you and your family are doing.  This is absolutely gorgeous.

    Bettie M.

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