Spanish Lessons and Theft!

Day 25: We’re well into our second week of Spanish lessons and they are going really well. We have the kindest teachers, one from Mexico, the other from Guatemala.  They patiently take time to explain everything to us, making it fun along the way.  We’ve separated into three groups.  Danny and Katie are in one group and here they are below, laughing with Annabela as she teaches them.  Ryan, Mikayla, and Ryan Thomas are in the second group.  You’ll see them below, working with Isabel.  We are extremely thankful for our teachers.
GG RTW Mexico Lessons Anna PDC LR
As we learn Spanish, we are also learning about the lives and culture here.  This week, we learned what it was like to be robbed!  Fortunately, we were not the victims, however, our Spanish teacher, Isabel, and her husband and daughter were!
Isabel arrived a few minutes late to our lesson, which is very atypical for her.  We began school immediately and she didn’t mention one word about the robbery as she calmly and faithfully taught Danny and Kathryn.  However, during my lesson, the truth began to slowly leak out.
Keep in mind, Isabel will not speak one word of English to us.  This forces us to really pay attention and think in Spanish.  So at first, I thought I was misunderstanding what she was telling me.  But no, she had actually been robbed the night before.  Her story?  Read more about it here:  Isabel’s Story.
GG RTW Mexico Lessons ISA PDC LR


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